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How to Process Payroll (step-by-step) if you're using our time clock.

This is a step-by-step guide to help you submit your payroll.

Step 1

Start by reviewing time punches. From the dashboard menu, Go to PAYROLL, select PAYROLL from the dropdown, then select TIME PUNCHES.

Edit missing punches, approve time change requests and use the "generate report" feature to verify subtotals for the pay period date range.

Step 2

Create a timesheet and consolidate all data to the timesheet.


Once the timesheet opens use the CONSOLIDATE button under the date to bring in hours worked (time punches), company paid holiday and approved PTO *if using the PTO module on the website only – otherwise manual entry of PTO hours. Add any additional pay by manually entering values in corresponding cells.

Step 3

Review timesheet totals and submit them for processing.

The timesheet totals as you enter data. You can review with the reports or the export button in the upper right corner. Once you have confirmed your totals you will use the SUBMIT button located under the check date to release time to OMS for processing.


The released timesheet will notify OMS and put your file in the queue for processing. You will get a preliminary report from your payroll specialist to review gross to net calculations before payroll is finalized.


You can also review this video to see how to submit payroll.

HubSpot Video