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How do I know which onboarding I have?

There are several different methods for adding an employee online. When your payroll website has first configured a method was selected by your company.

The three types OMS uses are:

1. Direct Method, also known as basic or employer-driven onboarding, is where the employer inputs all the data to add the new employee.

2. Interactive, also known as employer/employee onboarding, is where the employer initiates the onboarding and the system sends an email inviting the employee to participate in the process, by completing online forms and adding their own data.

3. Class ID, this is a certain group of OMS clients who migrated from a previous payroll system. Within this group, there are both basic and interactive onboarding clients.

If you don't know which method your payroll website is set up for please email Erica at elong@omsgroup.com and she can assist you.