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How do I create a timesheet entry?

Under the payroll section, you can easily create a timesheet. After that, you can "consolidate all", which totals all the hours and brings in any PTO requests.

Navigate to the main menu on your Administrative Payroll Dashboard.

Click on Payroll, then Time Entry. 

Creating a Timesheet

To create a timesheet, fill in Date From, Date To, Check Date, and the AutoSave box.


If you are using the online time clock then AFTER you have reviewed the actual punches for the time period then you will hit the “Consolidate All” button which will total the hours and bring in any PTO requests. 

The timesheet functions just as Excel would so you can tab or use arrows to move through.  You can recode hours to other departments/positions if need be and you can create additional lines for employees to utilize this feature (ACTIONS MENU). 

Once you have confirmed your totals then just click the Submit button.