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How do I finalize onboarding for an employee (interactive onboarding)?

With interactive onboarding: once the employee has submitted all of the required documentation online you'll receive an email that notifies you that their portion is complete.

Onboarding INT Part2

Please note this can only be done once the employee has completed their registration and all the data from their onboarding invitation is submitted.  As the employer, you will receive an email confirmation.

Once you get that email, you will log back into the system and navigate to Employees. Click on On-Boarding, then Process Monitor. 

Click on the arrow to see all selections. Click on the "eye" to open the section labeled Finalize.

This will take you to the overview of the individual sections that were to be completed.  Each section is labeled and will show you whether or not it is completed. In the example below, you can see that the I9 still needs the EMPLOYER to do something which is indicated by the red color.  To access incomplete sections you can just click on the task name in blue. 

**In this example above, you cannot finalize the onboarding because the I9 isn’t completed.  To finish the employer portion of the I9, click on the name of the form and open it.  Once this has been done and you go back to the document and task review you will see that the agreement for signature has opened up. 

To complete this section and release the employee to payroll you must check the box and enter your Username and Password and click the Sign & Finalize button in the lower right corner.

Onboarding complete.